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Me and my husband were living apart for many years. My husband was working in America and i was in my home country. My husband could not afford to hire an expensive immigration lawyer. He purchased the “Green card for spouse” DIY kit from and requested the lawyer Huma Kamgar to review the application papers with him on skype meeting. He applied for me after that and I got my green card and i am now in America legally and happy with my husband. “Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.”
I am from India. My brother is an American citizen and he purchased Immigration ninja kit for sibling and completed all the paper work with easy instructions. After my brother applied for me from America there was there was some confusion about his income on one of the forms so he booked a skype consultation for me with Immigration ninja lawyer and she speaks hindi and punjabi. I was able to talk to her on skype from India and my problem was solved instantly because she is very knowledgeable lawyer. I would highly recommend using this service to save money and time. “Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.”
I am from turkey and me and my fiance who is an American citizen used Immigration Ninja Fiance visa kit and today I am a Green card Holder and happily married with him and living and working in USA. I would highly recommend Immigration Ninja DIY kit because we saved alot of money by doing it ourselves. “Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.”
Pariza Wills